A POLICE Community Support Officer who was recently stabbed while on duty is now covering a new role.

PCSO Sam Bushen was stabbed by a suspect wielding a pair of scissors during an arrest on one of his first assignments on his new rural beat. He has made a full recovery and is back at work.

He had previously worked in Taunton town centre for five years.

PCSO Bushen, who works alongside PCSO Scott Windsor, has contacted people on his 160-square mile patch reassuring outlining plans to maintain regular contact with Neighbourhood Watch groups.

He said: "With regards to that, this is your NHW and if you wanted to hold meetings then that’s something we could try and help arrange.

"Just again bear in mind that due to our workload, we will attend those meetings when we can."

A man has appeared in court charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm in connection with the stabbing incident earlier this month.

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