I WAS shocked to see the other week there was news already about Christmas in Wellington and what date the switch-on would be

As a person who lives in Taunton who loves to see our town come together at Christmas, I was wondering if there was any news on our light switch on?

I for one, and with many people I know, really had a fab time last year and thought it was lovely to see Taunton return to the light switch-ons of the past when it was a main event in the centre.

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It was much better than the last couple of years, when the council said 'no' and put on that shambles with no main switch-on.

So any news would be good and one little part which might have made last year better would be a Christmas market on the same day, but I know we can't ask for too much, it's just nice to have a stage and a proper switch-on, with the roads shut.