LUCY Porter is back on the road with her 15th solo hour of stand-up comedy.

She is returning with Be Prepared, a show all about dealing with life’s difficulties.

When Lucy was in the 3rd Croydon Brownies, she thought she was being taught everything she’d need to succeed in life. All a girl required to stay safe and sound was an emergency 10p for the phone box, a length of string and a penknife. Now there are no phone boxes, and carrying a knife is generally frowned upon. At least she’s still got her piece of string.

The Brownie motto was ‘Be Prepared’ but over the years, Lucy has found herself taken unawares by the universe, and utterly unready for the challenges she’s faced.

Now she is faced with working out what her own kids need to equip them for the modern world.

Lucy Porter will be at The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton on April 24 2020. To book visit or call 01823 283 244.