PROTESTERS against Boris Johnson's plans to prorogue Parliament came out for a last-minute demonstration in Taunton.

Around 150 people turned up to the protest, outside the Market House in the town centre, at 4pm on Saturday (August 31).

The demonstration was organised by Somerset Loves Europe, with details of the protest firstly being published the same morning.

The protest was called after Boris Johnson announced plans to prorogue Parliament in the run up to the Brexit deadline on October 31.

Somerset County Gazette:

The event saw speeches from representatives of the group, as well as the Liberal Democrat prospective party candidate for Yeovil, Mick Clark, as Taunton's PPC Gideon Amos was unable to attend.

Somerset County Gazette:

CONCERNED: Mick Clark 

Paul Adams, chairperson of SLE, said: "After three years of campaigning its really great to see you.

"When you think back to 2016 when parliament were considering Article 50, had they considered what they are lined up to now which is a no-deal Brexit with pretty much every sector is going to face.

"I can't see how anyone would have supported it or voted for it.

"And yet here we are now on a trajectory towards leaving the EU with no deal.

"The government seems to be ignoring manufacturing, farming, food and drink sector. And also the government has lied to us saying they promise to have a deal for us.

"We've got to keep fighting, they are starting to fight among themselves now. "It is a right wing coup, we think there's a big pressure from America, the day after, if we do come out on October 31, the election campaign starts for Donald Trump, and that's what we think is all behind it.

"Thanks for coming along, keep protesting, keep fighting, we can stop this."

Somerset County Gazette:

Mayor of Taunton, Fran Smith, and leader of Somerset West and Taunton council, Federica Smith-Roberts also turned out to lend their support.

Cllr Fran Smith said: "It's great to see people from all parties here, it shows it's a cross party issue.

"There's a lot of people here for such short notice."

Here's some of the posters protesters brought to the demostration...

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette:

Somerset County Gazette:

Another protest is planned to take place outside Market House in Taunton at 5.30pm on tomorrow evening (Monday).