NEARLY 100 people have commented in favour of a new cinema in Minehead.

An application has been submitted for Somerset West and Taunton Council to convert a former store on The Avenue into a three-screen cinema.

The applicant is in the process of purchasing 16-18 The Avenue and hopes to convert it into a cinema.

Lifestyle Warehouse formerly traded at the location until it ceased some years ago.

The cinema would feature three screens, one for 112 people, and two for 60 people.

The council has not yet published a decision, however residents and groups throughout the town have come out in favour of the proposals.

The online consultation has ended on the council's website, but not before 90 people had their say.

Dozens of people spoke of how they thought it was a great idea, and no objections were submitted.

Graham Sizer, chairman of the Minehead Chamber of Commerce, said: "I have been asked to send a letter of support for the above application.

"It is also my personal opinion that the inclusion of this attraction in the town centre would significantly add to its vibrancy.

"All traditional town centres are under pressure from out of town and on-line shopping.

"It is an absolute necessity that this local authority should uphold this request in line with its commitment to Town Centres in its Local Plans over the years."

One resident said: "Can think of nothing better for the area.

"It is clear from the number of supporters what an asset this would be for the area and all age groups.

"The one in Burnham is fantastic and so popular.

"It will bring people into Minehead and boost the other businesses as well.

"This can only be a positive asset for Minehead and much needed."

Another said: "We desperately need a cinema, young and old will support this enterprise.

"No one wants to go to Bridgwater or Taunton, it's a long way.

"I'm hoping as a older woman, who is not keen on travelling so far at night, that you all vote this application through, and we the people can once again enjoy local cinema."

Minehead residents have been left without a nearby cinema since the Butlins facility closed itself to the public in 2017.

Residents had been able to sign in at the gate and use the ABC Cinema on site for many years but the leisure firm clamped down in wake of recent terror attacks, saying it is vital they know exactly who is on the resort at any given time.

A decision has not yet been made and the plans can be viewed by searching application number 3/21/19/047 on the SWT website.