MINEHEAD Town Council is looking into the possibility of putting a new skate park ramp into Irnham Road Recreation Ground.

Residents living in Alexandra Road, Irnham Road and Queens Road have been sent letters asking for their thoughts on the possibility of a new half-pipe being installed.

The letter states: “Minehead Town Council has been given the opportunity to accept the very generous donation of a half-pipe/scooter ramp.

“As you may know, for some time now many people have been saying that there is little for children to do in Minehead.

“A sample of local children, asked if they would use the skate ramp, were very enthusiastic.

“The proposal is to situate the ramp in an area close to Minehead Town Council-owned or managed amenity area to allow for parents to keep an eye on their children while they use the facility, ie Irnham Road Recreation Ground.

“Before we proceed further with the project we would be grateful for your views on the proposal.”