I HAVE watched, read and listened as people of all ages protest very loudly about climate change and how we should all make changes and sacrifices, so may I ask, what will happen on Bonfire Night?

Will all these protesters be planting trees or will they continue to light their bonfires and fireworks?

We all know how fun fireworks are, the colours, the explosive noises while we all eagerly await the big firework that will bring a finale at the end of the evening.

All this while tightly holding on to hand sparklers.

However, because of this the environment is compromised, we all know that firework smoke is rich in tiny metal particles, and it is those metal particles that make the firework colours, then you have the potassium and aluminium that pushes the fireworks in the air leaving these particles in the air for many days after.

I completely understand that we cannot stop this and we shouldn't, but surely the Government should step in and control the usage of fireworks to maybe three days and not what is fast becoming a three-week event.

The Government need to address this not only for the sake of the environment also for the health and wellbeing of young babies, the elderly, pets and the wildlife.