EVER since Boris Johnson suspended Parliament in a clear bid to suppress debate on Brexit, Somerset Loves Europe has been organising peaceful demonstrations in Taunton to defend our democracy and stop Brexit.

We will now be holding a Stop the Coup Shout every Saturday at 3pm outside the Market House in Taunton to keep up the pressure on the Prime Minister until Parliament reopens.

The rally will show the strength of local opposition to the Prime Minister’s approach to Brexit. It is part of a national campaign of rallies across the country.

Our protest is for people of all political persuasions and none.

Parliament has now taken control of the Brexit process. The chances of stopping Boris Johnson and Brexit have never been higher.

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But the damage to Somerset and to our country if we fail to stop it has also never been higher. Boris Johnson has shown he is willing to ride roughshod over our democracy to get his way.

He has tried to silence our Parliament. He cannot and will not silence us, the people.

We are on the brink of a democratic crisis. It’s time to have our voices heard.

Please join us on Saturday and bring something to make a noise.

Somerset Loves Europe