STRICT teachers kept nearly 100 kids behind on their first day back to school - for wearing the wrong uniform.

Pupils at Clevedon School, North Somerset, were told to hold back after lessons had ended to be told off about their trousers and shoes.

Angry parents had raised concerns about the school's stance online - with some even discussing a mass non-uniform day as a protest.

Many also complained how their children had got blisters from wearing, new regulation leather shoes.

But headteacher Jim Smith dismissed the issue, stating that there was little to discuss.

He said: "We have very clear uniform policies that are on our school website.

"Indeed the only clarification, regarding footwear, was notified over 12 weeks ago.

"Our parents quite rightly have an expectation that we uphold these standards, as we work together, as one, on all aspects of student's education."

The school has been rated outstanding by Ofsted.