I KNOW we keep harping on about Brexit, but I am wondering if this vote in 2016 was just a paper exercise to see how the country felt about the EU that went horribly wrong for the government when they got the results.

Cameron, like any good captain, decided to jump from his sinking ship and left it to Mrs May to try and save it, but her backbenchers, the Labour party and the Lib Dems had made up their minds that they liked their cushy jobs and that the British people were wrong to want to leave and, like ALL politicians, they know what is best for our country, not the people.

We are only fit to put them in office once every four years.

So now we have a problem: The people want out, the politicians want in, and it would seem that they hold three aces to our one.

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I think that the parties should get together and tell the people, it was just a paper exercise to find out the will of the people and that our government will go back to Brussels and advise them that the British people are not happy and that if we have to live under EU rules there has to be changes. Big changes.

And all parties will be of the same mind and work to make life better for the people of this country

Norton Fitzwarren