"I FEEL rejected, I feel like nobody wants me and it breaks my heart."

These were the heartfelt words of a French person living in Somerset who fears for what is to come, post-Brexit.

As Parliament shuts down ahead of a proposed Brexit date of October 31, millions of EU nationals living in the UK - and UK citizens living in the EU - face an uncertain future.

Catherine, who has lived in England for 46 years, was speaking at Saturday's Stop The Coup protest, held by campaign group Somerset loves Europe.

"I have been in England for 46 years and I was teaching," she said.

"I've got a family, I've got grandchildren, I'm really worried about what will happen because I've done nothing wrong.

"I've paid my taxes and suddenly, they're going to say to me, that I'm going to be chucked out, or, what will happen to me?"

Somerset County Gazette:

PROTEST: Somerset Loves Europe has held several demonstrations in Taunton town centre

More than 3 million EU citizens currently living in the UK have been told to apply for 'settled status', which will allow them to remain in the UK post-Brexit, before June 30 2021 - or before December 31 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Former Home Secretary - and now Chancellor - Sajid Javid said the scheme would be 'simple and straightforward'.

"We will be looking to grant, not for reasons to refuse," he said.

But there have been fears the Home Office is not equipped to deal with the surge in applications - and that mistakes make people fearful of applying.

Last month, a Home Office spokesperson said: “Freedom of movement as it currently stands will end on October 31 when the UK leaves the EU, and after Brexit the Government will introduce a new, fairer immigration system that prioritises skills and what people can contribute to the UK, rather than where they came from.”

READ MORE: Somerset Loves Europe holds protest in Taunton town centre

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the rights of EU citizens in the UK will be 'protected' post-Brexit.

But Catherine said fears over the process made her apprehensive over what could happen in the coming weeks.

"The consequences, I will have problems because of it and it's not fair because we have done nothing wrong," she said.

"And why are we treated that way?

"It's absolutely appalling and it's worrying.

"I'm worried that I might be refused because I don't trust the Home Office, I'm sorry. They make so many mistakes, I might be refused and why, because I've done nothing wrong.

"I've been a perfect citizen in England and I like England, but since the (EU) referendum, I don't feel at home.

"I feel rejected, I feel like nobody wants me and it breaks my heart. It's not fair."

Anyone wishing to find out more about applying for settled status should log on to https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families.

Paul Adams, chair of Somerset Loves Europe, said Catherine was not alone in her fears about what is going to happen.

“Somerset Loves Europe has been approached by many EU27 citizens who have lived and worked in Somerset for decades," he said.

"We are deeply concerned about their future in the UK. Settled Status is not enshrined in law and could be changed by the Home Office at any time.

“We support EU27 citizens whom we value as our neighbours and friends, and we appreciate the essential contribution they make to our economy.

"We call for the Government to stop Brexit and continue free movement.

“We’ll be meeting again in Taunton on Saturday, September 14 at 3pm outside the Market House for another #StopTheCoup Shout to protest against the suspension of Parliament.”