I'M a resident of Tauntfield close in Taunton. It's a quiet residential area for the elderly and disabled.

That is until, twice a day, it gets invaded by parents from Trinity School that is on South Street.

Our area is a restricted no-parking zone from 8am until 6pm and yet, parents think it's okay to park for up to half an hour in many cases, to pick their kids up.

By the school, all parking has been stopped, so now Tauntfield Close becomes Trinity School car park twice a day.

The council do nothing and parking services are reluctant to attend at times when they are there.

I myself received a ticket outside my own home and yet these ignorant parents get away with it.

I and other residents are fed up with it. It's wrong and dangerous for residents and kids leaving school as the whole road is blocked by cars along the entire pathway.

I myself have missed a child by inches as I was turning into my drive because I could not see the path, as my sight was being blocked by a 4x4.

One day, something more serious might occur.

There are parking restrictions for a reason and our council, parking services or highways agencies are reluctant to enforce them.

I'm fed up of people leering through my window as they walk past or park outside with engines running.

There are sick and vulnerable people living who are too scared to speak up but I am not, and want something done around here before something terrible happens.

If I parked down Belvedere Road in Taunton, I bet I'd get a ticket within five-10 minutes, yet it can take up to an hour for an attendant around here.

There should be better, clearer and safer road markings.