WEST Somerset residents are being invited to a Two Valleys Community flood prevention event next month.

Residents who live in Yarde, Stogumber and Triscombe will have the chance to speak to experts in national flood management who will give advice on the financial help available from government and how to better manage water on their land.

The event will take place on Wednesday, October 16, starting at 10.30am with session running into the evening at Williton Pavilion, and there will be a 'local larder lunch' and afternoon tea provided.

National Flood Management (NFM) has already proved effective in slowing and storing surface water run-off threatening residents in Yarde, Stogumber and Triscombe.

Following-on from this success, the plan is to use a similar approach for those land or property-owners whose run-off water drains into either the Monksilver or Doniford streams.

The event is being organised jointly by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), and the Environment Agency, who are delivering the Defra-funded scheme.

Carina Gaertner, WWT project manager said: “In the Two Valleys project, we work with farmers and landowners, and we’re really excited to work with more residents.

“All the nutrients in any soil washed off fields by heavy rain end up costing farmers money to replace.

"NFM also prevents the roads from becoming silted up and flooding, and it stops those nutrients ending up in the streams, which ultimately helps the local fish population. Everyone’s a winner.”

To find out more contact Carina on 07557 971449 or carina.gaertner@wwt.org.uk.