THE owners of a bright purple-painted shop have won their battle with a killjoy council to keep the 'loud' colour.

Fiona Alexander and Geraint Short had been told the green and purple paint that covered Fairyland Aromatics was "not appropriate for a Grade II listed building".

Enforcement officers from Mendip District Council instructed the pair to paint the shop in Glastonbury, Somerset, "black and cream".

But Ms Alexander and Mr Short have now revealed that the council has backed down - and they are free to keep their colourful façade.

The owners were first contacted about the controversial colour in January.

With so many other bright buildings around the town, Ms Alexander said she didn't understand why they were being singled out.

But, concerned about getting into further trouble, plans to put a sign above the door were delayed.

There was also a strong outcry amongst residents - many of whom said quirky colour schemes have been an 'integral' part of Glastonbury for many years.

In March, the council said: "The painting of the building which is a Grade II listed building requires consent as the building is a protected heritage asset.

"Alterations to listed buildings are covered by the provisions as set out in the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

"In this case the council has sought to engage with the owner of the building, and will continue to do so, so that a mutually agreeable colour scheme can be agreed in order to ensure that the owner is not in breach of the requirements of the Act."

But now Fairyland Aromatics has announced that the council has 'accepted' the colours.

A notice in its window reads: "Fairyland Aromatics will be keeping its colours and, since accepting our shop front, Mendip Council has allowed three murals to be passed without question so it seems they have acknowledged that our town will be remaining a colourful place into the future.

"Through our collective intention we have all achieved a wonderful result for Glastonbury. Thanks to everyone who supported us."

After finally feeling free to erect a shop sign, they will be holding a 're-opening' celebration on September 19 at 11am.

The council has been contacted for comment.