THE Gazette's report about the Brewhouse's latest struggle to keep its head above water is further proof that a small conventional theatre building with fixed, unmovable seats is not viable in this day and age.

The Brewhouse has been outdated for years and its closure is long-overdue.

In its place, Taunton needs a very different type of building. One that's designed to be flexible and future-proof.

By that I mean a building where it is possible to reconfigure the internal spaces and remove or rearrange the seating.

So, for instance, on one occasion the new building might accommodate a large seated or standing audience. Then, the following day, it could be reconfigured as a small, intimate theatre for an 'amdram' performance.

A flexible building like this could be used for all kinds of events. Not just in the evening, but throughout the day - and for seven days each week.

Just think, it could host large gigs and shows, indoor markets and exhibitions, gala dinners and awards.

Also, and why not, sports events? We would be limited only by our imagination.

Who can predict what the needs and demands of future audiences will be?

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One thing is for sure, a flexible building like the one I've described will give Taunton a far better chance to adapt to meet future needs.

And that's why not a single penny should be wasted on the Brewhouse. No matter how much is spent on it, we would still end up with an outdated, inflexible theatre building.

Worse still, we would end up with a building that's far too small to attract the popular shows that we all want to see in Somerset's county town.