IT seems to me that we are looking at today's issues through the eyes of the past.

All the left/right and wicked capitalists jargon is dated jargon.

It is the competition and innovation of capitalism (not to be confused with corporatism) that has produced many new ideas, lower prices and lifted many out of poverty.

Hating it and them does not put food on the table.

Let us ignore the forecasts of doom and disaster and look at what we do know.

90% of economic growth in world trade goes on outside Europe, so that is where we have to be for financial survival.

The world is now a very interdependent place. Trading blocs are old hat and the centre of activity has moved east.

Huge changes are coming with IT, energy use and financial services. Have we the skills to hand?

What we need to cope with such uncertainty and the inevitable bumpy ride ahead (no quick fixes) is an openness of mind that does not pre-judge any option.

We also need courage, flexibility and new ideas.

I question whether expending our energies on marches and protesting amounts to any real and effective action.

All said, our lives are our responsibility, not someone else's.

Kingston St Mary