PERFORMING all over the world is an incredible opportunity but for Callum Fitzgerald, but he still loves the shows in his local theatres.

He explained that, as a kid, he was inspired when visiting the theatres in London, and so now it feels great to actually be performing on those stages himself.

Callum is part of the Four Seasons in a tribute act for Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – called Frankie’s Guys.

Callum said: “When I was younger, I was always singing in the car. I went to see Fame in London and I fell in love with it. From that moment I was sure performing was what I wanted to do. It has just been a natural progression really.

“I have a huge Irish family and my cousins, uncles and so on are in music. But it was a path I chose myself really.

“I have always performed from a young age. All the boys I perform with now went to Performing Arts Colleges in London.

“We were all good friends and five years ago we decided to start Frankie’s Guys. We are just a small-scale group in a studio and started off doing weddings, only roughly 20 people for the first few performances.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Celebrating 60s music

The group realised that they all had a passion for sixties music and realised that it is still so popular today. There are no particular characters in Frankie’s Guys, the acts aim is to celebrate the music.

Callum explained: “We are ourselves on stage, talking about our own experiences as well as the four seasons. We get to know the audience on a personal level, our shows have a communal feel.”

The most intimate moment of the show, Callum added, is when the group sing My Eyes Adored You. This is Callum’s favourite moment, as it is a slower and calmer moment in comparison to the rest of the set. It feels like they have the audience in the palm of their hands.

Callum said: “Performing has always been what I saw myself doing. School didn’t really appeal to me, I loved to be active and interact with people.

“We meet our fans after the show and it’s great to see how performances inspire people, it is great to be able to give them an experience they can take with them. Seeing their response is a massive influence.”

Somerset County Gazette:

The tour

Frankie’s Guys have already started their latest tour and will be at The Playhouse Theatre in Weston-super-Mare on October 16 at 7:30pm.

The show will take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as Frankie’s Guys put their own charismatic stamp on a catalogue of hits including Big Girls Don’t Cry, Can’t Take My Eyes of You, Sherry and Oh What A Night.

David Greigo, another member of Frankie’s Guys, said: “We are so lucky to perform this show all over the world - the music is timeless and we love singing with our live band, but giving the audience a great night out is hands down the most satisfying part of the job.”

Callum added: “It is so amazing going from place, you see a difference in audiences wherever you go.

“We have such a great time, we are just four guys and a band – it is a tight knit community of people.

“If people love music and want to experience those special moments on stage (like I was talking about earlier) then they should come to see the show.

“Sixties music is still so relevant and our show is a memory you can take with you, we just wanted everyone to be part of it.”

To see Frankie’s Guys visit or call 01934 645544.