LAST week’s launch of ex-PM Cameron’s “For the Record” memoirs, not only shows commendable remorse over his terrible handling of the 2016 EU referendum, but also his exposure of present PM Johnson’s fraudulent ascendency to power and nonsensical high risk threat of “we’re leaving on October 31 come what may”.

Pity he left this anti-Johnson bombshell too late to derail right-wing Tory extremists’ long plot to back him at all costs.

Pity he didn’t follow rules of all sizeable democratic organisations with written constitutions - including nearly all countries except UK - that prevent any significant change to occur unless there is a substantial majority vote (usually two-thirds ) NOT a simple majority: this was Cameron’s and Parliament’s big stupidity!

And even then, how on earth did poor Tory party leadership voters not see through Johnson’s charade?

All is not lost, though, since, as fate has it, jocular Johnson has overplayed his posh-boy arrogance and shot himself in the foot, not only tearing apart his party and its flimsy majority, but also rendering himself likely to face criminal charges for lying to the Queen regarding his current suspension of parliament.

Nobody could have thought-up this freak sequence of events, not even Johnson’s millionaire backers, nor his Farage stable companions, nor even cross-Atlantic rich-boy Trump!

What do WE do?

Sit tight and let him stew in his own juice, of course, since his obvious attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in brain activity and calm self-control is a difficult medical condition to eradicate.

However, his handlers have done well so far in getting him to walk with the hands-behind-the-back Churchillian pose and to ruffle his hair and fidget/ gesticulate much less.

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Yes, our imperative task remains to stop being dragged into a catastrophic ‘no deal’ Brexit, which already has been achieved by Parliament taking control from the government and forcing a three-month extension to Article 50’s implementation.

What next?

I say, as do old green-left friends: an exciting, reformation-based, democratic/climate renewal, general election, followed by cross-party discussions to achieve either an immediate soft EU exit or, if no Parliamentary agreement, a people’s confirmatory vote with ‘remain’ versus ‘the deal’.

Simple, assuming J and F don’t join and there’s a bit of continued positive thinking between current opposition collaborating parties?

Yours in getting ‘it’ sorted