THE Brexit Party suggests leaving the EU is simple and the 2016 referendum is irreversible.

There are and never will be any non reversible decisions in democratic politics.

If there were, then how could the 'Yes' result in the 1975 EU referendum possibly have been overturned in 2016?

In fact, the Lib Dems are simply intending to persuade a majority of voters that the small majority for Leave three years ago was a mistake, based on poor information, lies from the Leave campaign, and criminal manipulation of Facebook and other social media.

The Taunton Deane Brexit Party candidate is assuming that in the UK constitution, or what may remain of it after a few more months of Boris Johnson, any referendum result automatically trumps the majority view of 650 MPs sitting in Parliament.

It doesn’t and if it did the UK would clearly have left the EU by now.

It has taken over 300 years of British history to reach a point where the will of Parliament is the ultimate power in our country, whatever Farage or Johnson may wish to the contrary.

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Unlike the Conservatives and Labour parties, the Lib Dems are setting out a simple clear position based on principle and reason.

People who vote for us at the coming General Election know exactly what we believe and why.

Lib Dem