CCTV will soon be installed at a National Trust site after a spate of car thefts.

The latest took place this week as a visitor to the Wellington Monument returned to her car to find her car window smashed and her bag stolen.

Livvi Grant, of Daffodil PR in Taunton, has called for the National Trust to install cameras to prevent this from happening.

It's the latest theft to take place at the site, as police have responded to numerous similar incidents this year.

The National Trust has also revealed plans to install a pay-and-display machine at the site, which Miss Grant says should be accompanied by cameras.

The National Trust says it agrees - and thankfully cameras will be installed soon.

A spokesperson said: "We have been made aware of recent thefts at Wellington Monument car park and are working closely with the local police, anyone with details is asked to contact them directly.

"We will shortly be installing CCTV in the Wellington Monument car park and have worked with the police to ensure the footage is compliant with their needs should any future crimes occur."