PLEASE, please, please print this letter in the hope that the new powers that are now in Taunton will take notice and heed!

Since the housing developments have been allowed by planners to engulf Monkton Heathfield (not over yet unfortunately), Creech St Michael and surrounding areas, taking away the quieter roads and making them rat-runs, speeding tracks and very dangerous to pedestrians, surely the time has come for some kind of measurements to slow down this unwanted race track through Creech St Michael before a fatality occurs, which is on the cards due to the reckless speeding through this village?

Idiot drivers treat the bends after the bridges towards the village as a chicane and the speeds well exceed the limit, which is too fast at the moment anyway.

I’ve been ‘clipped’ by car wing mirrors twice now on my arm while walking with my grandkids on the pavement by the pub, bruised and painful I might add, but the drivers speed away, probably unaware or not caring!

The time is fast approaching for something far, far worse to happen, so please do something ASAP please before this letter becomes a sad truth.

Creech St Michael