I CAN respect Conservative politicians like Dominic Grieve, who were prepared to risk their careers because they stood up for their belief that a ‘No Deal’ would be a disaster for our country and not what people voted for.

I have some respect for Conservative politicians like the ERG group who have consistently supported No Deal, although they go on pretending it is possible to get a better Deal than Mrs May’s.

I have little respect for politicians like Rebecca Pow who have changed from Remain to ‘Leave with Mrs May’s Deal,’ then to ‘Leave with No Deal’, changing according to the instructions of the Conservative Leader at the time, first Cameron, then May and now Johnson.

Gilbert and Sullivan wrote a song about a Victorian politician who:

“Always voted at his party’s call

And never thought of thinking for himself at all”

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If Ms Pow really believed that Mrs May’s Deal respected the result of the Referendum, she would have joined the other brave Conservative MPs who rejected Johnson’s No Deal threat and have now been thrown out of the party.

A great many people only voted ‘Leave’ because they believed the promises of Boris Johnson and co that it would be easy to get a deal which gave us many of the advantages of being in the EU with none of the obligations.

Now we know that is nonsense, Ms Pow cannot claim that by supporting Johnson she is honouring the result of the Referendum.