AFTER hearing a lot of talk about leaving or staying in the EU, it is obvious why the EU does not want the UK to leave, money.

Approximately £9 billion a year is what is paid to the EU, that would do so much for this country.

Another point, there are five more countries vying for membership to the EU with economies not so good. One has the poorest in Europe and it will our contribution that will be used to bolster these not so good economies.

These countries also have to meet a certain criteria, of which one is democracy, of which Jo Swinson has already swept under the carpet as if democracy has no place in our voting system. Sorry Jo, but 17.4 million votes says it does.

Switzerland has free trade agreements, so could the UK. There are entrepreneurs, business people to make it work.

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We are the fifth largest economy in the world and if we leave the EU it will stay that way.

The remainers have cooked up stumbling blocks left, right and centre, hoping to put fear into people’s thinking which are somewhat unreal.

Come on remainers, have faith, you know that if the UK leaves the EU it will work.