I PARKED in Taunton for 67 minutes today. It said so on my ticket.

Why then, do I have to pay for “up to 2 hours”, at £2.20?

Seven minutes of parking for £1.10 equates to around £10 per hour and with these new machines in service there’s no reason not to charge the correct fee for the exact time parked.

The only people who do not pay for more parking than they use are the ones who pay for their ticket in the 59th minute of the hour.

In other words, the vast majority of people pay for far more parking than they’ve actually had.

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Indeed, someone parked for one hour and one second would be paying a rate equivalent to £3,600 per hour for that extra second.

If the council were running a supermarket you’d have to pay £2 for up to 10 bananas, or £9 for up to 5lb of beef mince.