AREN’T we all fed up hearing that word when all we want is to get it done?

The British people are not stupid; poor old Boris is getting a pounding from every direction; Theresa May and David Cameron were the ones who got us to this point; DC failed to show us why we should remain and then ditched us with his mess; TM failed to get the referendum result thinking she could go it alone.

Three times she put her deal through and three times it failed.

Boris could come back with the best deal ever but those who oppose the result of the Referendum would still turn it down, and they don’t want Boris to have an assured victory in the General Election!

As it is, what are our choices in a General Election?

The Remainers must go with the Liberals, Labour are indecisive so, if you vote for them who knows what will happen.

Conservatives and the Brexit Party need to work together for the Referendum Outcome to win the day.


Blue Anchor