IRRESPECTIVE of one’s opinion on Brexit it is indisputable that we are in the midst of an historic and chaotic national crisis.

The cohesion of the United Kingdom and the lives and livelihoods of everyone of us, especially our children and grandchildren, are at stake.

In the light of the Supreme Court ruling, like it or not, the power and responsibility now rests with Parliament.

It seems that almost every Member of Parliament has a clear view which they take every opportunity to express through the media, even if only to say honestly that they cannot see any satisfactory resolution.

Yet here in Taunton Deane our MP remains silent, so we have no idea what she really thinks.

She campaigned to remain in the EU during the referendum debate, she voted to leave with Mrs May’s deal, and she is now committed as a member of Mr Johnson’s government to leaving without a deal if one cannot be negotiated by October 31, which it can’t.

I believe she is obligated to those who elected her into Parliament, as well as those who didn’t vote for her but whom she represents, to clarify and justify her position whatever it really is.