I READ with interest your coverage of the potential changes for independent schools.

Perhaps a bigger issue, certainly one affecting the vast majority of children and young people in Somerset who attend state schools, is the lack of resources in state schools.

I would like to see you highlight in similarly spectacular ways on your front pages the funding issues that state schools face.

You might draw some comparison in class sizes between state and independent schools which are at least double or treble.

You might, for example, look at the resources in terms of sport and networks and careers that the independents have in comparison with state schools.

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You might look, for example, state schools providing for all children no matter how under privileged, whereas independents select who they take, financially, academically... And where they do offer bursaries or scholarships tends to be for those with a special ability in sport, or music or academically or it’s for the staff who work there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.