LAST January I was caught speeding on the A358, a short distance after leaving the M5, towards Yeovil.

There is only one small 30mph sign, which I and all the other drivers in my traffic stream had missed.

It is a country road, not in a built-up area and we were all doing about 50mph, believing it to have the national speed limit of 60mph.

I am one of those drivers who sticks rigidly to the 30mph speed limits with a queue of cars following so was shocked to receive my Notice of Intended Prosecution.

I was fined £569, with five points endorsed to my license; the first such offence in more than 30 years.

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Many drivers must have been caught by this poorly signed road; I have been told it is a favourite spot for the police speed cameras.

Speed limits are essential to road safety. If Somerset County Council were serious about making its roads safer it would take steps to clearly sign their roads' speed limits, instead of giving the police a perfect trap to catch and punish unwary drivers.

Entrapping drivers to break speed limits does nothing to enhance road safety.