GRATITUDE is due from my brother and me, especially me, to four strangers who helped rescue us from a dangerous situation on Sunday, October 6.

Driving my brother in our wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) up Bishpool Lane, we met a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle where no passing was possible.

I had seen a place 300 metres back where the hedgerow and bank widened, so I reversed down the lane, but instead of continuing past the 'passing bay' to check it out, I steered the rear of our Fiat onto the verge.

But I had misjudged and turned too soon.

The rear wheel went up onto the bank, tilting the car alarmingly and stopped with its rear hard against the bank.

Trying to drive forward again, the front-wheel simply spun on the muddy verge so we were stuck.

The lady from the 4WD was anxious our Fiat would topple over with my brother in his wheelchair.

A white van approached from the junction at the bottom of the lane and the driver stepped out offering assistance.

With the gent from the 4WD we lifted my brother in his wheelchair, safely onto the road; a tricky operation with the vehicle tilted so precariously.

We still had not obvious way to move the Fiat so none of our vehicles could progress until, down the lane came a tractor, as if answering my prayers.

The tractor man had a towing strap, which he attached to the 4WD and its driver pulled the Fiat to its rightful position.

We soon restored my brother in to our WAV, the white-van-man scooted back down to the junction, I followed.

On the main road, the 4WD emerged after us and with a wave from the lady they went on their way.

The tractor came next, towing a trailer loaded with huge tree-trunks.

Thank God he was able to stop on the steep decline and not ploughed into the 4WD, pushing it into our Fiat and my brother parked on the lane, getting squashed into the white van.

It could have been carnage, and caused by my carelessness.

As it was, our helpers drove off without asking any reward, so it's in paltry recompense I offer sincerest gratitude from my brother, but most from myself; Lesson learned.