TAUNTON cat burglar Tommy became an international celebrity following a feline crimewave in his Holway neighbourhood in 1999.

The mischievous moggy led his owners a merry dance for three years with nighttime raids on homes throughout the area.

In 1999, he made the national news and was even the subject of a documentary being made for German television.

Friends and neighbours were so used to disappearing items that the first place they visited was Tommy’s home in The Oaks.

Owner Ali Daffin found everything from socks, shoes, trainers and slippers to knickers, designer clothes, a Manchester United kit and even a gold umbrella dragged through the catflap.

Ali, Gillette managerial executive, said: “He has really achieved celebrity statues and thinks he is really cool.

“We do ask around the neighbourhood and some local people have claimed back their items.

“Shoes are his favourites but he takes all kinds of things. We have had a bum-bag with about £8 worth of coins.”