THE recent news of the Extinction Rebellion's actions in London (and even locally in Taunton) has reminded me of studying for my GCSEs.

I was a diligent student but hated revising. Instead, I spent my time creating colour coded timetables, setting myself targets and engaging in any other task that seemed more urgent.

Soon time started to run out. I was procrastinating and in danger of failing.

Eventually, despite my rhetoric that the revision was going well, my mother noticed the lack of actual work.

She forced me to concentrate, to apply myself, to sit down and get to work. It was annoying and I was irritated by her interference. Yet she took this action out of love and a desire for me to have a bright future.

In the same way, we have spent too much time procrastinating over Climate Change.

The science is clear and it is unanimous. If we carry on setting out colourful timetables and hopeless targets without actually doing anything, we will fail.

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Extinction Rebellion are there to remind us that we need to get on with dramatic change.

It may be an annoyance and get in our way. There's other things we'd rather be doing and other issues to distract us, but the clock is ticking.

We cannot rely on this government to act, as a recent study of parliamentary voting trends published in the Guardian highlights.

I would recommend everyone research how their MP has voted on green issues (Guardian website - how did your MP do?).

Whatever you think about Extinction Rebellion, remember that they are motivated by the love of our planet and the desire for a better future for all of us.