A DEDICATED six-year-old from Taunton has donated more than £200 to help Taunton foodbank.

Thea Miles, who attends St Andrews Church School, set herself 30 reading challenges over the summer holidays, and raised £243.

Her challenges included things like reading upside down, reading books with no pictures, and reading five books in one sitting.

She was sponsored by her family, friends and teachers.

She then used her money to purchase items to be donated to the foodbank - and she brought 154kgs of food with her when she visited the centre.

When asked why she wanted to do this, she said: “Because I wanted to help people who didn’t have enough food.”

Sue Weightman, manager of Taunton Foodbank, said: “I am always amazed by the generosity of the local community but this initiative from a six year old girl called Thea Miles really wowed us.

"Her contribution alone outweighed, literally, the donations from whole schools and churches so well done for not only discovering the joy of reading a good book but giving to those less fortunate.”

Ms Weightman previously issued a call to action as she and her team struggled to keep up with the demand for food over the summer holidays.

After a successful donation plea, the Taunton community responded by refilling the foodbank's dwindling stock.

But more school holidays are just around the corner, and other people and families across the area are in need.

To find out more visit taunton.foodbank.org.uk/.