“It is time for the British people to have their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.

“I say to the British people: this will be your decision.”

Those were the words of then-Prime Minister David Cameron in 2013 when he announced a Conservative party pledge to hold a referendum on membership of the European Union.

Just 14 days from now, October 31, 2019, the United Kingdom could be about to leave the EU, enacting that decision of the people; With or without a deal, backstop or no backstop, hard Brexit or soft Brexit...

As the outcome of the biggest political and sociological decision in a generation looms, with reports claiming the Prime Minister is close to securing some sort of deal, your County Gazette has taken a snapshot of how Somerset feels about the whole issue now, today.

Three years ago, the nation was split, almost down the middle.

Somerset was a ‘leave’ area.

But is that still the case?

More than three years on, many feel nothing has changed, that the country - and the continent - has stood still.

To help you form your opinion and cast your vote, we've put together some information to help - no buses allowed.

Using the links below, you can read submissions from the leave and remain sides of the debate.

We asked the Somerset Loves Europe group and the Brexit Party to give us their reasons to either leave, or remain.

We have also been on the streets, asking people what they think of Brexit now, as Boris Johnson toils to try and secure a deal acceptable to the people and Parliament.

Somerset County Gazette:
PLEDGE: David Cameron in 2013, making a speech in which he promised an in-out referendum

Whatever happens in the next few days, these pages are just the beginning of the debate.

Leave or remain, deal or no deal, we want to hear from you on what you want to happen next.

For if the past three years have shown us anything, it’s that nothing is certain - and nothing has proved to be easy.

As Mr Cameron said in his 2013 speech: “I have no illusions about the scale of the task ahead.”

You can vote in the Somerset EU Referendum below - or you can read arguments for the Leave and Remain sides before choosing which way to vote...




THE CASE FOR LEAVE: By Dr Penny Rawson, prospective Taunton Deane Parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party

THE CASE FOR REMAIN: By Paul Adams, chair of the Somerset Loves Europe group

WHAT SOMERSET IS SAYING...: Your views on Brexit