A TAUNTON primary school has jumped up an Ofsted ranking after showing improvements.

Holway Park Community Primary School has been rated 'good' by the education inspection body - advancing from its 'requires improvement' rating in May 2017.

The school was given a clean sheet of 'good' ratings for measures such as quality of education, behaviour, and leadership in its latest report published on October 11.

Matthew Barnes, lead inspector, said: "Pupils like coming to this school.

"We saw them playing and interacting very positively with each other at break times.

Pupils told us they like the amount there is to do at lunchtimes.

"In lessons, pupils are attentive. They show good attitudes to their learning because they want to please their teachers.

"Leaders have improved this school since the last inspection; in particular, reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers plan an interesting and engaging curriculum.

"Teachers are proud to be storytellers for their pupils. They have ensured that every class is a place where pupils can learn to love books.

The report highlighted how subjects such as history and art had not been well-planned, until recently, and the work is beginning to pay off after prioritising this progress.

To improve further, the inspectors said the school leaders should continue to review the impact of their new plans for the curriculum, help teachers amend their practices, and work on improving attendance levels.

Susan Brewer, headteacher of the primary school, said she was 'proud' to be the leader of the 'inclusive' school and their hard work will continue to ensure more progress is made.

She said: "I am thrilled for our pupils and staff that Ofsted has given us the recognition that all the members of the school deserve.

"Our pupils and staff understand the importance of building positive relationships, which then underpins the pupils’ good attitudes towards their learning.

"The pupils are our core duty, their safety and development is the most important thing we do. We have all worked tirelessly to continually re invest in our schools 4Ss and the successful learning principles we developed with Di Pardoe. The personal development and emotional well-being of our pupils has always been a priority for me as headteacher.

"Quite rightly the inspection team recognised the improvements made over recent years but also the quality and standard of writing, reading and mathematics teaching and learning.

"The purposeful atmosphere of our classrooms is a significant recognition of all the combined hard work of the pupils and staff."

To read the full report click here.

Or search for Holway Park Community Primary School on the Ofsted website.