MANY of us enjoy rural living - the green space, the slower pace, wonderful views - but for some of our more vulnerable residents, it has become a nightmare of isolation.

The simple fact is that, unless you have your own car, Somerset can be a challenging place to live.

Public transport is woefully inadequate and leaves people with too few options for work, study and socialising.

This has not always been the case.

When I was a student in Taunton I was able to travel to Minehead Tesco where I worked late shifts before returning home to Bicknoller.

Young people now no longer have that option.

The last bus from Minehead is at 6.30pm, and from Taunton, 8.15pm. This might be sufficient for people working 9 to 5, but more and more, flexibility is the key to securing the few job opportunities available.

Young parents cannot work in the evenings, students have to choose between attending lectures or getting a part-time job to help cover their costs.

A later bus service on the number 28 route would benefit other sections of the community as well.

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At the moment, elderly residents cannot socialise in the evening if they are no longer comfortable driving and our night-time economy has fallen as those outside the towns refuse to pay for expensive taxis.

Unfortunately, the Conservative government and county council in charge of public transport have massively cut provision.

Despite this, Cllr Mike Rigby and the new Lib Dem district council has managed to bring back a park and ride service on Saturdays, while Cllr John Hassle is working to ensure a bus serves Cotford St Luke on Sundays once again.

We all recognise public funds are tight and any new services need to be well supported by passengers.

I’d really like to know if readers would support evening/Sunday services on the Taunton/Minehead route, taking in Cotford St Luke as well, perhaps.

The more users, the more viable it would be - if you would use such a service, please contact me on