WHILE the bus lane at Collett Road, Norton Fitzwarren, has been up and running for some time, there are still some big issues here.

1. There appears to be a camera to stop traffic using the lane as a cut through.

The volume of cars and vans using the bus lane on a daily basis is quite shocking.

That, along with the new signage suggesting a bus gate is to be installed, leads me to believe the camera either isn’t working or hasn’t been set up to work.

2. The speed at which the buses drive through this bus lane is ludicrous.

Most have a quick glance to ensure there isn’t a car coming but give no thought to the fact this area is exclusively residential, including at least three houses fronting directly onto the bus lane.

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These points, alongside the fact all roadside parking has been removed to allow the buses to hurtle through unchallenged, are making this estate infuriating to live on.

Norton Fitzwarren