AS publisher and editor of LAMP Magazine I am very aware of the number of events that are now on offer that were absent during the Brewhouse closure.

Volunteers and the current regime have worked tirelessly to provide a wide cultural offering.

At the same time, they are aware that some opportunities are not available that would be if the Brewhouse had a larger auditorium.

The proposal worked out, whereby a revamped Brewhouse would accommodate up to 750, seems reasonable to me and within a set time frame.

There has been much talk of a much larger auditorium in the Firepool area.

An auditorium of 2,000 or even 5,000 seats has been quoted.

This is unrealistic in a town the size of Taunton.

It may be possible to attract these sort of numbers for a handful of events throughout the year, as we have in Vivary Park or the Somerset Cricket ground.

But it is not sustainable on a regular basis in a purpose built venue - nor is it in towns and cities much larger than Taunton.

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Above all we need to recognise that the running of a theatre is not just about the venue and one cannot underestimate the value of having a good experienced team able to programme and put on a large variety of events.

Whatever decision is made the current regime that has worked so hard on our behalf needs to be part of that decision-making process and their voices and opinions listened to with close attention.