BREAK a leg is what actors say to wish each other luck.

The Dulverton Players will have their fingers firmly crossed against any such calamities when the curtain goes up on its production of The 39 Steps this weekend.

A year ago their first attempt at John Buchan’s spy story crashed when a horse fell on actor and director, Charlie Blanning, smashing both his hips and his pelvis.

Charlie said: “The wonderful team at Minehead Hospital helped me back on my feet again. I owe them so much.”

Following in the footsteps of actors like Robert Donat and Kenneth More, this Richard Hannay may limp slightly, but that’s no surprise after the hero in the classic adventure yarn has fallen from the Forth Bridge and has been shot at point-blank range.

Suzy Wall plays the beautiful but frosty Pamela Edwards, spending most of the play unwillingly handcuffed to the hero.

Ann Markwick smoulders as the mysterious Annabella Schmidt, although not helped by the blood-stained knife embedded between her shoulders.

Banger Smith and Nicola Smith revive their hilarious comedy partnership first seen in Daisy Pulls It Off.

They play hundreds of parts between them, from policemen to gunmen, sometimes almost simultaneously.

The action dashes from London to the highlands of Scotland and back again, all without leaving the town hall stage.

Scenes, characters and accents morph breathlessly with the inspired assistance of the lighting, technical, and production crews.

The 39 Steps runs until Saturday, November 2 at 7.30pm at the Dulverton Town Hall.

Tickets cost £8.

The can be brought from the Dulverton Post Office, or by calling 01643 831024.