PLANS have been approved for a former pub to be turned into something other than a public house.

A planning application was submitted to Somerset West and Taunton Council to use the use of former The Crown Inn at Rumwell pub.

The council approved the plans, which could see the pub converted into offices, retail spaces, and a holiday let.

Plans submitted earlier this year to convert the pub into houses was rejected by planners for fears the harm would outweigh the benefits.

But the more suitable, fresh plans for the location have been given the greenlight.

The planning officer said: "The proposal would have no adverse impact on the existing accesses or levels of

parking provision and will improve the amenity of the residential neighbours as the hours of operation will be less than those for a public house. "The proposal will offer some local employment and ensure a listed building remains in use."

The inn, which dates back to the late 18th century, has seen multiple owners in recent years.

The pub has been closed for more than a year, and, according to the supporting planning documents, attempts to sale or rent the property have been unsuccessful.

The plans state: "The proposal seeks to maintain the commercial use of the building by change of use of the ground floor to a mixture of A1 retail premises and B1 offices and of the residential owner’s accommodation (previously also used as letting rooms) on the first floor to holiday let.

"The proposal requires virtually no change to the layout, retaining the potential for easy reinstatement to a public house in the future.

"The design of the redevelopment utilises current features of the property to maintain a link to the heritage of the building."

To view the plans in more detail search reference number 05/19/0035 in the planning section of the council's website.