7th November 2019

The following applications and notifications have been received for consideration and can be inspected at the Reception, The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE. The letters to the right of the application number indicate how the application or notification will be decided: COM by the Borough Council's Planning Committee; PD by the Parish Council; DD by the Principal Planning Specialist under delegated powers; CM by Somerset County Council; SS by the Secretary of State.

Where the applications are in bold type there are also local inspection arrangements details of which are on the local parish notice board(s).

HATCH BEAUCHAMP: 19/19/0012/LB - pada – DD, Replacement of sash windows to conservatory, formation of 2 No. blind windows and repositioning of window on coach house elevation at Hatch Court, Hatch Beauchamp.

STAPLEGROVE: 34/19/0029 - AVUO – DD, Change of use of land to car park with turning area and formation of landscape bund at Staplegrove Mill, Mill Lane, Staplegrove (resubmission of 34/19/0011 and retention of works already undertaken).

TAUNTON: 38/19/0307 - AVUO – DD, Erection of single storey pitched roof extension with internal works at Tone Veterinary Centre, Lisieux Way, Taunton; 38/19/0349 - MH – DD, Variation of Condition No. 01 (approved plans) of application 38/18/0001 for the erection of 125 No. dwellings and associated infrastructure for the change of use of the rotunda building from a single dwelling to a community hall on land at Killams, Taunton.

WELLINGTON WITHOUT: 44/19/0018 - DT – DD, Change of use from agricultural land to dog walking venue (Class D2 assembly & leisure), alterations to access, formation of a parking area, erection of stockproof fencing, formation of a pond and the erection of posts on land at Houndsville, Monument Road, Wellington (retention of part works already undertaken).




7th November 2019

The following applications and notifications have been decided and can be viewed on-line at

BISHOPS HULL: 05/19/0008, Variation of Condition No. 05 (the use of the premises and the land) of application 05/09/0022 at The Firs, Barr Lane, Bishops Hull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 05/19/0025/LB, Rendering of front elevation in lime render at Barr House, Barr Lane, Bishops Hull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 05/19/0032/LB, Internal alteration to Rumwell Hall, Coach House, Wellington Road, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 05/19/0035, Change of use from a Public House (Class A4) to mixed use, namely retail (Class A1),offices (Class B1) and C3 (holiday let) at The Crown, Wellington Road, Rumwell, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 05/19/0036/LB, Internal alterations to The Crown, Wellington Road, Rumwell, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BRADFORD ON TONE: 07/19/0006, Siting of two containers (retrospective) at land at Heatherton Park House, Heatherton Park, Bradford on Tone, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 07/19/0010/T, Application to fell one cherry tree included in Taunton Deane Borough (Bradford on Tone No.1) Tree Preservation Order 2005 at Fernworthy, Orchard Close, Bradford on Tone (TD980), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHEDDON FITZPAINE: 08/19/0024, Erection of an agricultural multi purpose storage building at Pyrland Farm, Cheddon Road, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 08/19/0027, Conversion of 4 No. industrial units into 1 No. industrial manufacturing facility, installation of air conditioning units and flues and erection of palisade fencing to site boundary at Unit L2, Crown Industrial Estate, Venture Way, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHURCHSTANTON: 10/19/0023, Change of use of 3. No agricultural buildings to 1 No. 3 bedroom dwelling (Class C3) and associated works at Pay Farm, Willand Road, Churchstanton, REFUSAL.

DURSTON: 16/18/0003, Siting of mobile home for occupation by seasonal agricultural workers at Drakes Farm, Glastonbury Road, Durston (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

LANGFORD BUDVILLE: 21/19/0014, Erection of a conservatory to rear elevation at 7 Courtlands, Langford Budville, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

NORTH CURRY: 24/19/0027, Replacement of barn with the erection of 1 No. single storey dwelling with mezzanine at Birds Farm, Higher Knapp Lane, Knapp, North Curry, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 24/19/0036, Demolition of garage and walkway and erection of single storey extension to side and porch to front of Little Croft, North Curry, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/18/0048, Erection of 34 No. dwellings, (7 No. bungalows and 27 No. houses) with associated works including drainage, landscaping and highways works on land adjacent to Willey Road, Stoke St Gregory, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TAUNTON: 38/19/0167, Conversion of loft into habitable accommodation with raising of roof and installation of dorma window at 7 Footlands Close, Taunton, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT; 38/19/0247/LB, Various internal alterations at 43 Bridge Street, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0269, Erection of a single storey extension to the rear of 5 Mount Nebo, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0272/LB, Internal and external alterations to Unison House, The Crescent, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0291, Installation of a sliding window and infilling a window to east elevation at Asda Stores, Creechbarrow Road, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0298, Erection of a single storey extension with partial infill of courtyard to extend the acute assessment hub in the Queens Building, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TRULL: 42/19/0035, Enclosure of car port with provision of storage above and below with erection of a glass link corridor from car port to annex at Dipford Barn, Dipford Farm, Dipford Road, Trull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 42/19/0036/LB, Internal and external alterations at Dipford Farm, Dipford Barn, Dipford Road, Trull, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WELLINGTON: 43/19/0072, Change of use of yard for the display of goods for sale at the rear of 15 Fore Street, Wellington (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 43/19/0078, Erection of first floor side and rear extensions at 47 Oakfield Park, Wellington, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT; 43/19/0094/T, Application to carry out management works to six yew trees included in Taunton Deane Borough (Wellington No.1) Tree Preservation Order 1990 at Saint Clement, South Street, Wellington (TD488), WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT.

WEST BUCKLAND: 46/17/0053, Removal of Condition No. 03 of 46/16/0005 (restrictions to trading of retail building) at Blackdown Garden Centre, Wellington Road, West Buckland, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT; 46/19/0029, Conversion of garage into habitable accommodation with erection of single storey front extension at 5 Lee Park, West Buckland (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

WEST MONKTON: 48/19/0046, Erection of a tractor and garden implement store at Marlows, The Street, West Monkton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 48/19/0048, Replacement of garage and retaining walls with erection of a single storey extension at Hawksview, Church Hill, West Monkton, WITHDRAWN BY AGENT/APPLICANT.

WIVELISCOMBE: 49/19/0051, Alterations to porch and loft conversion with insertion of dormer window at Masons House, 5 Style Road, Wiveliscombe, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

COTFORD ST LUKE: 53/19/0003, Change of use of land to residential curtilage at Brickfields, 27 Burge Meadow, Cotford St Luke (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.