WE (Kaia & Dominique) have been working as trainees at The Brewhouse for two months now.

This amazing opportunity gives us the chance to kickstart careers in the arts, which isn’t easy – as many are quick to remind us – but not impossible either.

Kaia hasn’t always followed the arts path. For a long time, the “it’s too difficult” mantra and the sciences took precedence, especially during her time at Strode College. When she got to Plymouth University though, she realised the arts really did matter to her.

Fast-forward six years and she left university with a BA and MA in Creative Writing and three years of involvement in an amateur dramatics society.

As for Dominique, she began her descent down the rabbit-hole when she took up tuition in flute and classical singing during primary school. This passion carried through to her time at Richard Huish College and since then, she’s graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London with a joint degree in Music and English Literature.

Neither of us were confident kids growing up, we didn’t seek out the attention of others and any creativity was largely kept to ourselves. It wasn’t until a music teacher noticed Dominique’s talent for holding a note that she began to come out of her shell via involvement in choirs and ensembles, and for Kaia it was being welcomed into that society that changed the game.

Suddenly, there was socialising and new friends and outlets of expression that provided a sense of accomplishment and drive that is difficult to match.

Working here is where it all begins for us. No two days are the same and there’s always something new being thrown our way, which is daunting at times, but our roles are such that we feel our contributions matter and that we play a genuine part in working towards a significant goal.

Local venues like The Brewhouse are uniquely vital in this regard. Luckily for both of us – and countless others – it is a place that understands the importance of nurturing young people and their involvement in the arts. That is certainly something to be celebrated and protected, and we both relish our chance to play our part in that and invest back some of what the arts has given us.

Column by Kaia Nisbet and Dominique Gearing, Marketing Trainees at The Brewhouse Theatre