THE FUTURE of a toilet block in Wellington is set to be discussed at a special meeting.

The public convenience block on Longforth Road has fallen into disrepair with only one cubicle out of five working, as well as being hit by an arson attack earlier this year.

Fed up with the problems, some of the town councillors wanted to see the toilets closed, as the town council’s staffing and resources committee recommended the closure.

But not all councillors were in favour, so it was agreed to create a plan to tackle the issues in order to bring them back up to standard.

Mayor of Wellington, cllr Janet Lloyd, said: “Councillors are keen to work out the best way to ensure there is access to public toilets for the comfort of everyone in the town.

“Getting these toilets up and running again is not as simple as ordering a few repairs – the building and equipment need a major overhaul and many of the working parts are now obsolete, and the locking system needs a highly specialised contractor.

“Having a special council meeting to look at this issue will give councillors the opportunity to discuss this complicated matter in the detail it requires.”

Councillors had previously agreed to fund some short-term minor repairs to get more of the cubicles opened, which was estimated to cost around £500.

The date for the extraordinary meeting to discuss the toilets has been provisionally set for Tuesday, November 26 - but this needs to be officially confirmed by the council.

The meeting will be open to the public to attend.