A PLANNING application for 180 new homes in Taunton has been submitted - despite the council rejecting the same plan earlier this year.

Gladman Land Ltd has again applied to Somerset West and Taunton Council to build 180 homes off Cheddon Road.

The council had already rejected similar, if not identical, plans in July earlier this year.

Although the council’s planning officer had recommended approval for the plans, the committee decided to vote against it.

After deferring the decision at an early meeting, the committee decided to upon its site allocation map for development in the town.

Only part of the land Gladman desired had been set aside for development, and only 40 houses was deemed appropriate for the area.

The committee claimed the development beyond the settlement limits would have had an ‘adverse impact’ on the surrounding environment.

Gladman claims the council did not have any ‘additional or indepedent’ landscape advice when making the decision. But this is something the council only requests on rare occasions.

A spokesperson for Gladman said: “It is noted that in reaching this conclusion, members did not have the benefit of any additional or independent landscape advice from a suitably qualified officer or consultant either prior to or during the committee itself.

“It is further noted that, despite third party assertions to the contrary, members accepted that the proposals were otherwise acceptable in highways, ecology, heritage, flood risk/drainage and amenity terms, as reflected in the single reason for refusal.”

A group of residents campaigned at the time against the development, and have been left perplexed by the resubmission.

Pip Sheard of Cheddon Action Group said: “Residents were expecting Gladman to appeal against the planning committee’s decision in July to turn down their application for housing at Pyrland Farm. The resubmission of their planning application appears to be a tactic to buy Gladman more time.

“We will continue to oppose the application because of its impact on the Quantocks AONB, the loss of a long length of hedgerow on Cheddon Road, loss of rural character and poor public transport access.

“The Gladman development combined with the Dennis Wilson Nerrols planning application would mean that a country lane will be coping with around 1,000 vehicles in the 8-9am peak hour.

“We urge residents to object a second time. They can contact CAG at cheddonactiongroup1@outlook.com.”

To view the plans or to make a comment search reference number 08/19/0035 on the planning section of the council's website.