A SEVERELY disabled man who claims BT drove him to the brink of suicide is suing the phone giant.

Forces veteran James Rashbrook, 38, of Greenway, Bishops Lydeard, has waged an online campaign against BT following a previously settled case concerning a billing error.

The company believes Mr Rashbrook's actions went too far and complained about his posting of employees' names and contact details in his social media posts.

But he is unrepentant, claiming he is legally entitled to broadcast the information.

The dispute dates from a bill BT sent Mr Rashbrook for £405 after he ended his phone and internet contract 17 months ago.

Mr Rashbrook claimed BT actually owed him £38 and following protracted negotiations, BT apologised and agreed a £1,000 out-of-court settlement.

He said: "I tried killing myself because of their demands for money I didn't owe them.

"As part of the settlement, BT said there were no formal confidentiality restrictions about discussing the case.

"I was so angry for them taking months of my life that I wanted to let people know and posted the letter of apology on social media.

"The BT lawyer contacted me and told me to desist from publishing his details online, which goes against them saying there were no restrictions on what I could publish.

"I'm suing BT and the chief executive Philip Jansen as head of the company for £250 for breach of the out-of-court settlement.

"They've told me they're going to contest it. They're saying, 'See you in court'."

A BT spokesman said the company had apologised to Mr Rashbrook for the "billing mistake" and settled with a "gesture of goodwill", although he disputes the amount.

The spokesman added: "Unfortunately, since then Mr Rashbrook has broken our online community guidelines with repeated posts, arguments with other users, and posting our employees names and personal phone numbers.

"We are currently processing a Data Subject Access Request from Mr Rashbrook and we will complete that within the required timeframe.

"We have met all of the terms of the agreement we made with Mr Rashbrook and we strongly reject his recent claims."