14th November 2019

The following applications and notifications have been received for consideration and can be inspected at the Reception, The Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE. The letters to the right of the application number indicate how the application or notification will be decided: COM by the Borough Council's Planning Committee; PD by the Parish Council; DD by the Principal Planning Specialist under delegated powers; CM by Somerset County Council; SS by the Secretary of State.

Where the applications are in bold type there are also local inspection arrangements details of which are on the local parish notice board(s).

BATHEALTON: 03/19/0008 - KC – DD, Formation of vehicular access on land to the west of Milverton Road, Spring Grove, Bathealton.

BICKENHALL: 04/19/0012 - SM – DD, Erection of a two storey extension to the side of Park Lane Cottage, 301 New Road, Bickenhall (amended scheme to 04/19/0009).

BISHOPS HULL: 05/19/0034 - MP – DD, Erection of a garage at Elm Farm, Rumwell Park Lane, Rumwell; 05/19/0042 - MP – DD, Erection of single storey extension to the side of 60A Mountway Road, Bishops Hull.

BISHOPS LYDEARD: 06/19/0045/LB - KWRA – DD, Conversion of outbuilding and orangery into 3 No. dwellings at Sandhill Park Mansion, Bishops Lydeard.

CHEDDON FITZPAINE: 08/19/0034 - SM – DD, Erection of a single storey extension to the side of 36 Summerleaze Crescent, Cheddon Fitzpaine; 08/19/0035 - MH – DD, Outline Planning Application with all matters reserved, except for means of access, for the erection of up to 180 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point off Cheddon Road, Taunton (resubmission of 08/17/0040).

LANGFORD BUDVILLE: 21/19/0013 - AJ – DD, Formation of a vehicular access, access track and associated parking at Malthouses, Milverton Road, Runnington.

NYNEHEAD: 26/19/0013 - KWRA – DD, Change of use of land to residential curtilage with external alterations to buildings at Perry Farm, East Nynehead Road, Nynehead.

OAKE: 27/19/0021 - MP – DD, Erection of a single storey extension to the front with raising of roof for construction of first floor at Lushington, Oake Close, Oake (amended scheme to 27/19/0010).

OTTERFORD: 29/19/0010 - SM – DD, Conversion of garage into annexe accommodation at Mill Leat, Royston Road, Bishopswood.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/19/0029 - jegu – DD, Replacement of agricultural buildings with the erection of 2 No. dwellings and associated works on land at Crossways Farm, Slough Lane, Stoke St Gregory (resubmission of 36/18/0043).

TAUNTON: 38/19/0337 - AVUO – DD, Replacement garage with alterations to vehicular and pedestrian access at 30 Bindon Road, Taunton; 38/19/0359 - MP – DD, Installation of rear dormer and erection of single storey side and rear extension at 39A Mountfields Avenue, Taunton; 38/19/0360 - MP – DD, Erection of first floor and single storey side extensions at 18 Calway Road, Taunton; 38/19/0363 - AVUO – DD, Erection of a two storey extension to the side of 231 Galmington Road, Taunton; 38/19/0364 - SM – DD, Erection of a single storey extension to the front of 86 Churchill Way, Taunton; 38/19/0367 - ALAW – DD, Erection of 1 No. detached dwelling with associated works on land to the rear of 50 Clifford Avenue, Taunton (amended scheme to 38/19/0152); 38/19/0370 - SM – DD, Erection of first floor side extension at 9 Galmington Lane, Taunton.

WELLINGTON: 43/19/0088 - AJ – DD, Erection of single storey extension to rear with the cladding of part of rear elevation with timber at 18 Orchard Close, Lower Westford, Wellington (retention of work already undertaken); 43/19/0096 - AJ – DD, Erection of storage building to side elevation of Fox Bros & Co, 11 Wardleworth Way, Wellington; 43/19/0098 - MP – PD, Erection of first floor rear extension and installation of rear dormer at 51 Tone Hill, Tonedale, Wellington.

WEST MONKTON: 48/19/0057 - AJ – DD, Variation of Condition No. 10 of application 48/04/0061 (to change the wording to specify the timings relate to construction works and not opening hours) at former Jaguar Garage, Bridgwater Road, Bathpool; 48/19/0058 - SM – DD, Erection of single storey extensions to the side and rear of Pippins, Sidbrook, West Monkton.

WIVELISCOMBE: 49/19/0035 - SW – DD, Erection of a two storey extension to the side at Sloe Cottage, Langley Marsh Road, Langley Marsh, Wiveliscombe; 49/19/0056 - KC – DD, Variation of Condition No. 03 of application 49/12/0075 to extend the length of the planning permission for the solar array from 25 years to 40 years from the development being brought into use on land to the south of Sandys Moor Road, Wiveliscombe.

COMEYTROWE: 52/19/0037 - SM – DD, Erection of single storey rear extension at 58 Newbarn Park Road, Taunton.




14th November 2019

The following applications and notifications have been decided and can be viewed on-line at

BISHOPS LYDEARD: 06/19/0037, Erection of toilet building at Quantock View Campsite, Breach Barton Lane, West Bagborough (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

CHEDDON FITZPAINE: 08/19/0001, Application for approval of reserved matters following outline application 08/10/0024 in respect of the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of 237 No. dwellings with associated works on land off Nerrols Drive, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

HALSE: 18/19/0017/T, Notification to fell one apple tree within Halse Conservation Area at Priory Lodge, Halse, NO OBJECTION – TREES.

MILVERTON: 23/19/0039/T, Notification to fell one cherry tree and one greengage tree within Milverton Conservation Area at Valley View, Wood Street, Milverton, NO OBJECTION – TREES.

NORTON FITZWARREN: 25/19/0016, Erection of extension to commercial building with formation of access track, erection of fencing, change of use of southern yard and building for vehicle recovery use (sui generis) and change of use of northern yard for commercial storage (Class B8) at Northams Yard, Wiveliscombe Road, Norton Fitzwarren (retention of works already undertaken), CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

OAKE: 27/19/0016, Conversion of outbuilding into 1 No. dwelling at Whisperfields, Hill Road, Norton Fitzwarren, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

STOKE ST GREGORY: 36/19/0027, Variation of Condition No. 03 (of application 36/07/0016) to modify the wording of the holiday let condition to make the holiday use more flexible at Higher House Farm, Huntham, North Curry, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

TAUNTON: 38/19/0266, Minor material amendment application for condition 2 (approved drawings) and discharge of condition 4 (planting plan) of planning permission 38/18/0291 at Trinity Business Park, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0268/LB, Replacement of windows with external alterations at 62-65 Lindley House, East Reach, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0274/LB, Various internal and external alterations 8 Mount Terrace, Mount Street, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0292/A, Display of 3 No. illuminated signs and 1 No. non-illuminated sign at Asda, Creechbarrow Road, Taunton, CONDITIOAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0295/A, Display of 1 No. non-illuminated composite panel sign on galvanised steel posts at Firepool South, Priory Bridge Road Car Park, Priory Bridge Road, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0296, Erection of a three storey extension to the Duchess Building to house the Therapies Service at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0311, Erection of single storey extension to front (east) elevation of dwellinghouse at 34 Manor Orchard, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 38/19/0328/LB, Replacement of utility room to the rear of 110 South Street, Taunton, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL.

BURROWBRIDGE: 51/19/0010, Variation of Condition No. 8 (re demolition of buildings prior to occupation) of prior approval application 51/16/0015/CQ at Stathe Court, Bullplace Bridge Road, Stathe, CONDITIONAL APPROVAL; 51/19/0014, Extension and conversion of garage/outbuilding to 2 No. self-contained annexes at Allermoor Barn, Stathe Road, Stathe, Bridgwater, REFUSAL.