Focusing on the trials and tribulations of marriage and the tsunami of having children, Sindhu Vee’s latest tour, Sandhog, was a hit with Taunton audiences at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre last weekend.

As someone who does not have children and who is not married, I still found Sindhu Vee’s Sandhog tour brilliantly relatable. From trying avocado chocolate mousse and worrying that liking it would lead to cannibalism (told in the part of the show where she was her own support act) to the hilarious yet shocking way she chooses to discipline her children, Sandhog was a series of witty anecdotes about Sindhu’s own life.

There were insightful references to her husband who is Danish and very straight to the point – turns out, the Danes call Santa ‘Julemanden’ (which literally means ‘Christmas Man’). Sindhu was surprisingly honest about their relationship. She revealed how much her nicotine gum annoys her husband and her persistent effort to ‘win’ the arguments for the safety of the ‘unit’ i.e. her family.

This self-deprecating style of comedy is surprisingly hilarious and - although we wouldn’t like to admit it - something we can all relate to.

A mixture of shocking anecdotes, as well as heart-warming love stories, Sandhog is an entertaining hour and a half of comedic fun. From a tale about her mum disliking her nurse because she was ugly to the story of how Sindhu’s nickname, Sandhog, began when she met her husband.

Sindhu has this unique way of teaching you her stories, and although she joked about it being a Ted Talk, there was a quality that had me hooked as though I was in a University lecture hall (albeit this show was much more hilarious than my University lectures).

The show finished with a beautiful round up of why it is so important to ‘win’ but also, why it is so important to remember why you fell in love with someone, despite the difficulties and pressures of marriage and even long-term relationships.

This relevantly engaging comedy show is worth seeing, and it was even better in the intimate venue of the Tacchi-Morris arts centre in Taunton.