THE inquest into a popular young rugby player has ruled his death after falling from a balcony in Magaluf was accidental.

Hardworking Freddie Pring, 20, was in Majorca with fellow workers from Heat Recruitment on an all-expenses paid holiday earned for meeting sales targets.

The inquest, held at Taunton Coroner's Court today (Thursday, November 21), heard that he and his colleagues arrived in Majorca on Thursday, June 6.

The work friends he was with stated that the group was relaxing and drinking during the day, and went for a meal at a restaurant before splitting up in the evening.

One of Freddie's co-workers, Max Ellis, said that Freddie was in 'high spirits and clearly enjoying himself'.

Freddie came back to the hotel room later than his roommates, but did not disturb them when he came back in and went out to the balcony.

Police were called at 3.08am on Friday, June 7, after someone in the convenience store by the hotel heard a loud bang and reported someone had fallen, although the caller did not actually see the person fall.

Members of the ambulance service confirmed Freddie Pring's death at 3.22am.

The post mortem report found that the victim had suffered a severe traumatic head injury consistent with a fall from height.

The toxicology report recorded Mr Pring's blood/alcohol level and found he would have been around three times the drink drive limit, but found no illegal drugs in his system.

Senior coroner for Somerset Tony Williams said: "He had taken on a fair amount of alcohol, and although there are varying factors such as tolerance, you would expect it to have some impact on concentration, judgement, co-ordination and reaction times."

Freddie's mother Heather Pring said there had been rumours on social media and press coverage linking Freddie's death with balcony diving and she did not believe this to be the case.

Mr Williams responded saying: "On the evidence I have before me, and the circumstances given, there is nothing untoward or anything which suggests this death was the result of a deliberate act.

"There is nothing by way of evidence that allows me to reach a conclusion of anything other than an accidental death."

Freddie grew up in Watchet, and was a popular member of the Minehead Barbarians Rugby Club.

He worked for Heat Recruitment in Bristol, and lived in the city with his girlfriend Mia Smith.

Following the inquest, Freddie's family paid tribute to him.

His sister Francesca Pring said: "Freddie was an amazing person, a loyal friend and brother.

"I think it is important to remember that his death is not his story.

"His story is who he was, and everyone remembers that. This is just the closing of his book."

Heather Pring added: "It is important that his death was recorded as a tragic accident. His is a great loss to many people, and it can finally be stated that there is no evidence of foul play or of any other suggestions that may have been printed by the press.

"It is important to us as a family that he is seen as a passionate, loyal, hardworking, amazing young man."

The family are continuing Freddie's legacy through The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund, set up to raise funds locally to provide sports coaching and development to adults and children in West Somerset.

It was announced this week that on July 11, 2020, there will be the first Freddie Pring Memorial Rugby Festival.