We asked the four candidates standing in the General Election in Taunton Deane on Thursday, December 12 to tell us why they think you should vote for them.

Here's what they each had to say in 200 words and a photo.

It's now over the you, the electorate, to decide who you want to send to Westminster to represent our district in the House of Commons.


GIDEON AMOS (Liberal Democrat).

Somerset County Gazette:

GIDEON grew up in Somerset and has led campaigns that champion our area on the national stage.

His “Save the Royal Marines” petition is credited with safeguarding hundreds of local jobs by forcing the Conservative MP and government to u-turn on their plan to close Norton Manor Camp.

He is now gathering signatures to prevent fire engines being cut from Taunton and Wellington by the Conservative fire authority.

Gideon is also working with local headteachers to reverse cuts to local schools, and for fairer funding, as they receive millions less than the national average.

In his working life, Gideon led a national environmental charity for a decade, was awarded an OBE for services to environmental development and then spent five years in the senior civil service.

He now delivers large-scale renewable energy projects like offshore wind farms.

Gideon lives in Staplegrove Road with his wife and their children who have attended local schools including Parkfield, Bishop Fox’s and Richard Huish College.

He is passionate about the UK’s leading role in the world, and sees the Lib Dem aims to go zero carbon and protect our NHS and key public services as offering a brighter future for the UK.



Somerset County Gazette: ElectionsModule Candidate photo

I AM honoured to have been selected as the Labour PPC for Taunton Deane.

This area has been my home all of my life and I am now raising my own family here.

Therefore, I have a vested interest in seeing the place thrive and as such I will put the interests of Taunton Deane first at all times.

I have always been a passionate supporter of my community having spent just under 10 years working with the police in Taunton and also served as deputy chairman of the board of a local homeless charity.

I have spent the majority of the past 10 years working within public sector services and have witnessed the impact of a declining society in that time.

Only in September of this year a report was published highlighting that Somerset has, in the last four years, become more deprived at a faster rate than the national average.

I want to provide robust and effective representation for all of our community, not just a select few.

I want to see a Taunton Deane that is delivering good quality public services, investing in our communities to tackle the climate crisis and unlocking the potential of our children.


JOHN HUNT (Independent).

Somerset County Gazette:

SINCE being elected as a Somerset county councillor, so many of you have asked, that I consider standing for parliament.

A couple of months ago, I started to consider seriously whether or not I should stand.

My thought process started with, if I don’t become a candidate myself, who would I vote for?

Like many of you, I’m afraid my faith in the political parties and those that represent them, is completely broken.

We need:

  • someone who doesn’t turn up only when the cameras are flashing;
  • someone who has already proven that they don’t just appear when there’s an election on the horizon;
  • someone who consistently supports the local community;
  • someone who is both accessible and responsive;
  • someone who doesn’t have to pretend to care, but actually does;
  • someone who really shows a genuine interest in us and of course, someone who plays a full part in the community in which they live.

I want to vote for someone I can really trust to look after the fabulous people of Taunton Deane and I genuinely believe that someone is me.

Please visit Facebook.com/JohnHuntIndependent or JohnHunt.me.uk Vote John Hunt. Independent, working hard for YOU, not the interests of a political party.


REBECCA POW (Conservative).

Somerset County Gazette:

I’M honoured to have been your MP since 2015 where I’ve worked tirelessly to deliver for the area where my husband Charles, who very sadly died earlier this year, and I brought up our three children.

I’m delighted that with stakeholders I:

  • convinced Government to retain 40 Commando in Taunton;
  • attracted £79m for new theatres at Musgrove Park Hospital and a commitment to upgrade the wholesite;
  • and secured £28m for infrastructure projects.

My Wellington rail station campaign is progressing well as is the community project to restore Wellington Monument.

I continue to focus on the environment and was instrumental in securing:

  • extra protection for ancient trees;
  • the micro-plastics ban, getting swift boxes and hedgehog highways into planning guidance;
  • getting soil health on the agenda; and attracting Garden Town status for Taunton.

I was proud to be named ‘Greenest New MP’ by the Climate Coalition in 2018 and honoured to be appointed as Environment Minister.

I hope to return to Parliament in a majority Conservative Government to get Brexit done, respect democracy and unleash Britain’s potential.

I would continue to conduct myself with honesty and endeavour to do my very best for the area which, like you, I call home.