VOTERS in Wells have criticised the Conservative Party after a printing error has seen hundreds of election leaflets distributed by a candidate containing details about its manifesto for Wales.

The mock newspaper style leaflet was sent out by Conservative candidate for Wells James Heappey and featured a number of articles about funding for local schools and hospitals.

But when voters started to read the leaflets more closely they learned that the stories were not about public services in Wells but services in Wales.

Matt Normal Norman posted an image of the leaflets on the Wells Community Group page on Facebook on Wednesday (November 29) and the mistake was criticised by residents.

Speaking to the Weekly News, Matt said: "What a disaster, especially as it is my understanding that these are hand delivered leaflets.

"Directly distributed by Conservative seat holder James Heappey in the Wells Constituency and other members of his party.

"I think it will affect his chances to be the next MP, people want to feel their local MP has a strong link with the constituency that they serve and this really doesn't help with that.

"Also with the effects of social media and Media that also sway peoples opinions this could also be a factor now this is being exposed on a wider scale."

Ellie Ann added: "They care so little about the people they're asking to vote for them that they can't even do a basic fact check around where someone is."

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'EMBARRASSING': Wells Conservative MP candidate, James Heappey

James Heappey, the Conservative candidate for Wells, said the leaflet was printed centrally, and he described the error as "very embarrassing".

Responding to a post on Facebook, Mr Heappey told a supporter: "Produced by party centrally, clearly wrong content on centre pages, not sure whether fault was with party HQ or printer but very embarrassing either way."

A spokesperson for the Conservative Party, said: "This was a printing error by an external supplier, who have written to us to apologise.

“It meant voters in a small number of constituencies across the country received a leaflet about our increased funding for the NHS in Wales, rather than our increased funding of £33.9billion in England.

“If people would like to know about our support for public services like the NHS they should visit”

Somerset County Gazette:

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Wells constituency, Tessa Munt, has been in Pilton with Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis.

She said: "A windy day in Pilton with the amazing Michael Eavis."

Somerset County Gazette:
CAMPAIGNING: Michael Eavis with Tessa Munt