A VILLAGE nursery has been given the highest possible rating for the third time.

The Willow Set, based at Stoke St Gregory Primary School, has been given the 'outstanding' mark once again after proving standards have not slipped since its very first inspection in 2011.

The setting received the highest ratings in all aspects of the inspection, including quality of education, personal development, and leadership.

The inspector said: "Children are highly confident, self-motivated, cooperative learners. They develop

extremely inquisitive minds and even children new to the setting explore the

exciting environment with enthusiasm.

"High-quality teaching encourages children to make predictions, test their ideas and find ways to solve problems.

"High staff ratios ensure that all children receive outstanding support and feel extremely safe.

"Staff morale is excellent. The manager sensitively monitors staff and children's physical and emotional well-being as she is very aware of the impact this can have on children's development."

The report added the behaviour of the children was 'exemplary' and 'highly respectful'.

Rachel Parish, the manager of the nursery, said reflecting on their practices helps keep the setting 'outstanding'.

She added: "We are so pleased to have received the highest mark possible, this is the third outstanding in a row.

"We have kept standards high from our previous inspections by team work, CPD and continually reflecting on the impact of our practice.

"We support children to be highly confident, self-motivated, cooperative learners with extremely inquisitive minds.

"Children enjoy highly positive relationships, they are challenged to make predictions, test their ideas and find ways to solve problems."